Discuss your product needs with us… no-charge, no-obligation on your part.


We offer a free consultation session to discuss your product needs and how we can help you and your business succeed. During our consult, we can offer insights in the market as well as suggestions for product formulation and development. After our consultation with you concludes, we write up the next steps for your project. This consultation, depending on your needs, can cover:

  • Product concept
  • Formulation possibilities
  • Product design
  • Packaging options
  • Shipping and distribution options
  • Internet marketing options 

This step is an important one, but we do our best to make this step both prompt as well as to-the-point, with a minimum of technical jargon. And when we say that the initial consultation is “free,” that is what it is. There is no charge for our time or the proposal, and no obligation to use our service at this point of the process. 

Lets discuss your needs!

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