There is a lot that goes into the manufacture of your product, but there is no reason that this process should be a mystery.

Order Raw Materials– based on the product formulary, container, labels and packaging you have approved, we will enter an order for the raw materials on your behalf, and have them shipped to our facility in Seguin, Texas. Depending upon availability of supplies, this usually takes about 30-45 days to order and then receive it at our dock.
Receive Raw Materials– as part of our commitment to the highest standards of quality, we will visually inspect the raw materials, including the containers, labels and packaging for your products to ensure that proper standards of quality have been met.
Quality Control – the raw materials are inspected and tested, and QA/QC samples are taken. The procedures for manufacture of your product are reviewed and the production run for your product in our facilities is scheduled.
Manufacturing– the raw materials are weighed, blended, and processed in accordance with the use of cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices).
Quality Assurance– after your product has been manufactured, we test the product to ensure that it meets product specifications.
Packaging– Using the containers, labels, and packing options you have selected, we fill, assemble, seal, label and package your product. Special packaging options, such as product sachets, are available.

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