Since 1983, Pure & Gentle has been an industry leader in developing, manufacturing, and distributing quality eco-healthy products. Pure & Gentle has been recognized by many governmental institutions for our pioneering green chemistry formulation work. (See “Green Initiative” for more details). We use non-polluting ingredients and have carbon-neutral shipping.
Our USFDA licensed and USEPA registered 90,000 square feet facility is staffed by an experienced team of chemists and chemical engineers, graphics designers, and marketing experts who can take your idea from concept to fruition quickly and within budget.
We offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities including liquids, creams, gel products filled into bottles, jars, vials, and sachet-type pouches ranging from ½ ounce up to 55-gallon drums.


We are dedicated to finding the perfect combination of price, performance and packaging to make your company a success. Our products are registered as USDA Certified Biobased Products and we are an active participant in the USDA’s BioPreferred program. We are the recipient of the Champion Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative Award, the highest award given for environmental stewardship by the United States EPA.

The USEPA has also registered and verified Pure & Gentle as a Climate Leader.

“We give companies the opportunity to offer quality goods that are safe for the environment and the public.”