Careful thought and planing upfront by both you and us is a necessary ingredient to achieve your goals.

This is a key stage to the success of your product. Careful thought and planning upfront by both you and us is a necessary ingredient to achieve your goals. After our initial consultations with you, if you agree to our written proposal, we set up an account for you. We then use what we have learned from you during both the initial and subsequent consultations to work through your best options for an optimal product, both in terms of its formulation (i.e., function), as well as its design (i.e., color, fragrance, texture), and product packaging (i.e., appearance).

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While the specifics of what this stage looks like is different for each client, generally speaking it works like this:

  1. Formulation– we work to understand the characteristics and specifications of the product you are looking to create. Once we have that fundamental understanding of your expectations we will create multiple prototypes for you to sample. 
  2. Test product for approval– building from the initial formulary prototypes we work with you to refine your idea into a final formula that meets your specifications. We are not done until you are fully satisfied with the test product.
  3. Client signoff on formula– you approval of the formula is required before we proceed.
  4. Workup of product cost (excluding product design and packaging)– if requested by you, we will work up an estimate for the production of this product in bulk. Useful if you are considering either doing the packaging yourself or contracting with a third party to meet your packaging needs. 
  5. Packaging design
    • Product container – once the formulary is agreed upon, the next step is selecting the container that your product will go in.  Packaging decisions are a blend of appearance, function, and as always, cost. The number of choices for packaging are mind-boggling, and there are “pros” and “cons” to each choice, and as part of our service to you, we will be happy to sit down and discuss your options with you and help you with your selection(s). We have a number of online catalogues for packaging that you can choose from, and we typically suggest that a client pick 3 to 5 different packaging choices to evaluate and choose from.
    • Name selection for your product – while we cannot provide a name for your product, we can help steer you towards resources that can assist you with your name selection, if you so desire. It is, of course, important that your brand name be in compliance with U.S. trademark laws, and that it not infringe upon anyone else’s established and registered brands.
    • Label design – the content of labels is regulated by U.S. law. We will work with you to ensure that it complies with the relevant laws pertaining to your product.
  6. Market test (optional) – Pure & Gentle has established a number of contacts within the business community that can perform a market test of your products using either focus groups and/or one—on-one customer interviews.  Additionally, our resources include one of the nation’s foremost internet advertising agencies, should you wish to discuss how best to market your product online.

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